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Derived from social service assistance to Suriname in society - Arizona offset press

March 2008, as aided equipment Suriname Electric Co., Ltd. Qingdao Rip Arizona offset press from China across the Pacific transported to the other side of the ocean Suriname capital of Paramaribo, the assistance project was commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce assistance to carry out the development of the printing industry in Suriname construction projects. After many visits, comprehensive comparison of price and performance, the Commerce Department after the production of the selected Qingdao Rip Arizona offset press as an assistance device. Ministry of Commerce delegation Qingdao Rip Electric Co., Ltd. technical staff to Suriname on local workers training guidance, in order to promote the local printing workers as quickly as possible.

March 6, 2008, Qingdao the Rip electrical Development Liu Zhi minister and his entourage arrived in Paramaribo, Suriname. Poor equipment installation site conditions, plant has not yet completed the local the coincided rainy season, the air humidity, reality run and commissioning of the equipment at a disadvantage our arrangements for local installation and debugging programs and equipment environment to do certain temporary remedy. Imperfect because of Surinam local printing industry, has brought many difficulties to this installation and commissioning, including printing paper, ink and other supplies in the local lack the training process of the 12-day maintenance of the equipment debugging and printing we Suriname the common resolve the various problems, protection equipment running smoothly and printed out a qualified Indian goods, the two sides are very satisfied with the results of this project. Suriname Speaker Su Muha long this very seriously, often to the equipment on-site inspections, and care for our staff working life at the same time. Our personnel in the normal operation of the equipment to the professional training of the staff of the Soviet side, so that they can independently equipment operation and maintenance, Su Fang workers to use the equipment properly, the end of our personnel work in the Soviet Union.

Ministry of Commerce of the assistance projects of the Soviet Union chose produced by Qingdao Rip Arizona offset press, Arizona offset press with high-performance, low-input, and its running stable, very suitable for economic investment in underdeveloped areas needs. Second, because the service concepts Electric Co., Ltd. Qingdao Rip, Qingdao Rip electrical "Arizona is the market of the service" business philosophy, embodies Arizona offset press service to customers, service industry, serving multi-level service concept of the social , the purpose is to provide customers with quality products and after-sales service for customers printing companies need solutions; provide the driving force behind the development of the printing industry for the industry, and support the industry as soon as possible to the international market business model changing ideas; enterprises to provide the community obligations and responsibilities.

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